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Why we make the difference

Genesis Stoneworks has been in business since 1993 and has quietly grown to become the largest interlocking paving company in California.

Genesis Stoneworks provides the highest quality installation with genuine care about how we treat our customers. Our reference list speaks loudly and clearly. We provide punctual, professional, quality installation with absolute integrity to our customers.

Our Goal is to have delighted customers at the completion of every project.  We can bring your dreams of a perfect outdoor paradise to life with our wealth of design and installation experience.  Genesis Stoneworks is the expert when creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Our Specialty:  We’ve mastered the installation of interlocking paving stones, retaining garden walls, waterscapes, landscaping, and artificial turf.

Our Reputation:  Since 1993 we’ve earned a AAA Better Business Bureau Rating, We are Diamond Certified for “Best In Quality”. You can refer your family and friends with absolute confidence that Genesis will do a wonderful job for them as well.

Our Qualifications:  Genesis Stoneworks is most likely the best qualified contractor you will ever work with. We have the following licenses,  A license-General Engineering, B license-General Building, C29-Masonry, C27-Landscaping, C61-Interlocking Paving.  Genesis Stoneworks certified by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI).


Genesis Paving and Landscape have devoted considerable thought and resources toward a complete process that makes our customers happy and confident to refer their family and friends.

For example, we were the first in the industry to use gas saws with a vacuum attachment.  Many contractors still use large electric saws without a vacuum which can blow electric breakers and create a cloud of gritty dust that can get in your home and on your neighbors cars.  Our saws collect the dust in a vacuum cleaner which keeps your home and your neighbors homes clean.  Also, our employees stay healthy by not breathing fine dust.

Our saws make straight & clean cuts.  Many companies still use a guillotine breaker that breaks the stone and leaves a jagged edge. Our trailers store tools and supplies rather than spread tools and materials out on your grass. Each crew has a power washer to clean your new driveway and street upon completion.  The crews have heavy duty dump trucks to haul as much material as possible per trip which is more time efficient.

Commitment to high customer satisfaction continues to be our focus and as our customers refer more and more of their family and friends Genesis continues to grow in response. 

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Interlocking Paving Stones ~ The Preferred Choice
Interlocking pavers speak of style and elegance unlike any other paving surface.  Paving stones have enduring quality unsurpassed by any other alternative.  Paving stones are designed to last a lifetime...and longer.  Real Estate professionals agree that the most prudent investment in your home is interlocking pavers due to enhancement in resale value and acceleration of the sale. 

Benefits of Interlocking Paving Stones:
Enjoy the beauty and elegance of interlocking paving stones.  Choose from an array of colors and patterns to accentuate the unique style of your home. Our seasoned designers will fine tune colors and patterns that will delight your family and guests.  Interlocking pavers are similar in costs to stamped concrete however the return in investment is in the added value in resale, durability, and daily enjoyment.  Call Genesis Stoneworks today for a FREE consultation 888.389.5533.

"Let’s add another dimension of beauty to your home!"

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