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Fence Walls

Fence walls are an integral part of home design. Good fences make good neighbors, but they also make great home design choices. Defining the space is one of the first principles of design, and stone fence walls do this with excellent rhythm, color, and visual texture.

Fence walls also create privacy and serenity in a space. They make great visual barriers; a well designed and constructed wall can increase the property value in the entire neighborhood. Being so dense, stone walls also make excellent noise barriers. The walls absorb up to ten decibels of sound, which equates to about half of the audible hearing range. This can take a busy commuter road and turn it into a serene country drive, and make your home feel like just that, a home.

Nothing stops prying eyes like a very tall wall, making security another benefit of stone fence walls. The physical stopping power of stone has made it the first choice of engineers all over the world to protect precious buildings and monuments. Since men began building structures thousands of years ago, stone has been the first choice for long lasting and impressive construction. Stone walls can bring this timeless quality to your home.

This historical durability gives stone walls a leg up on the competition of chain link and wooden fencing. Chain link rusts over time and does not protect the visual and audible privacy of your space. Wood fencing rots if not taken care of, and requires excessive maintenance compared to stone. Stone is unique in its self-defined color and grace.

There are several modes of construction with fence walls, depending on the materials used. Manufactured stone is a product of recent years that is quickly overtaking the industry, coming in the form of interlocking stone segments. Other common products are slump stone, cinderblock, and brick. All of these are rectangular blocks that require mortar and reinforcement, depending on the height of the wall. Most fence walls also require a footer. This could be a combination of granite and concrete slab, or a concrete foundation. If there is a frost line in the soil, the footing must reach and penetrate that line, else the wall could crack in the future due to expanding soil. Luckily California is quite temperate, making construction simpler than in colder wetter climates.

Whether for design or functionality, stone fence walls are an excellent construction decision. Genesis has been installing walls for years and would love to help you define your unique space. Give us a call and we’d love to give you a free estimate.

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